"When I saw this artwork online, I was instantly drawn to its colour and brilliance. It brings such a burst of colour in my home as well as a sense of flow, harmony, and heaven."
~ Raneeta Curtis ~

"The painting I got from you brings me so much joy and I get a feeling of peace when I look at it. Something I never experienced from a painting before. I know that God is flowing from the tip of your brush. I love to know that the things I have in my house come from a good place, and know my painting comes from a God loving person. I am very happy."

~ Varina Paterson ~

I am so proud to have one of my friend’s pictures! To me, it tells the story of light: coming from above, piercing the darkness but resting softly on all that faces it and transforming the most insignificant, delicate things with indescribable beauty! It’s amazing that Vanessa has been able to capture these grand themes in the most natural of scenes!

~ Jocelyn ~

"I have always admired Vanessa's God-given unique artist gift. Her eye for detail is amazing. I have seen many of her works. When I first saw my picture, I was captivated by the combination of colours and the contrast of the black and white at the center of it. I immediately messaged her to see if it was sold and what the price was. Every time I look at it, I consider I was blessed to get it."
~ Dean Alderton ~
"We are incredibly fortunate to have purchased the original of Vanessa Redfern's piece Ahipara. I hung it in a place so that I can see it first thing every morning. Vanessa has perfectly captured the beauty of New Zealand. I no longer live there, but every day I am reminded of where I came from when I look at this work of art. Art helps create a home and Vanessa’s work makes my home even more beautiful."
~ Rebecca Pater ~